We all know that good data is powerful. With a good story, it's unforgettable.

Clickable helps you unearth the real stories behind the figures displayed on our dashboard. We consider macro and micro factors that impact your numbers and display more than simple correlations between advertising budgets and increases in pageviews.

At the heart of our analytics practice is the ROI dashboard. Our platform aggregates data from multiple data sources and renders it in a dashboard that focuses on insight rather than displaying simple data.

We believe in minimizing cognitive loads on our users. Clickable delivers custom views that aid real problem solving and facilitate discovery of new insights. With all the data available across the web, the real strength of the Clickable platform is in its ability to highlight the journey a customer makes.

With our customizable visualized analytics and recommendations we help you optimize your omni-channel marketing budgets by giving you an easily digestible look at your performance from every possible angle. 

Analytics Features

  • Ability to connect to online and offline data sources.
  • Capability to organize your dashboards and workspaces
  • Workspace and Widget sharing/un-sharing across a Company's users
  • Support for reordering workspaces and dashboards
  • Widget lot
  • Per company unique Hierarchy support with user permissions at each level
  • Support to build customized widgets
  • Workspace pdf download and report scheduling
  • Pdf, png and csv widget exports
  • Comparison tracking
  • Customizable company logo and tabs