I forgot my password, what do I do?

Go to then click the “Forgot Password” link.

My email changed. What do I do?

Answer here.


In the Moderation tab, why are some streams not showing data?

Streams that display the yellow “There is no content to display” message do not have any available data to pull.

What are the different icons next to the Facebook posts in the Review tab?

The icons represent the type of user activity (comment, deleted post, etc).

When I click on a Foursquare review in the Reviews section, it takes me to a “could not find the page you are looking for” URL.

You will see this screen in Foursquare any time a user deletes their review. Foursquare’s API doesn’t provide information on deleted posts like the other networks, meaning deleted posts will show in the your dashboard stream.


What do the percentages (with the green and red arrows) in the right-hand corners of each analytics widget represent?

The percentages show the difference to the previous day.


What are the different export formats in the Clickable Platform? 

PDF, PNG, and CSV. In case of Excel/Doc, this would be prepared on request. 

Data Sources

What Data Sources do you currently support? 

Any data source not mentioned in the list below can be integrated on demand. Data sources can be any format - file or api.

Current networks already supported:

  1. Facebook,

  2. Twitter,

  3. Youtube,

  4. Instagram,

  5. Pinterest,

  6. Weibo,

  7. vKontakte,

  8. Vimeo,

  9. Mixi,

  10. QQ,

  11. Mxit,

  12. Naver,

  13. FourSquare,

  14. Tumblr,

  15. LinkedIn,

  16. Google Adwords,

  17. Google Analytics,

  18. Bing Adcenter,

  19. Vine,

  20. DoubeClick DFP,

  21. Crimson Hexagon


  23. Distimo

  24. Harte Hanks

  25. GetClicky

  26. Clickable Conversion Tracking

Other non-social network sources can be added by Clickable, at the request of the customer, with a two week turnaround.