The Hierarchy system in the Clickable Analytics platform is a powerful feature that benefits organizations who manage hundreds, if not thousands of social media accounts across multiple networks. 

To explain this concept further, we'll use the example of Acme Company, a highly diversified Fortune 500 Organization with multiple subsidiaries in Automotive, Healthcare and Food industries. 

The Hierarchy system works in the following manner: 

Account -> Portfolio -> Group -> Entity -> Location 

  • Accounts - Refer to the main client account. In most cases, you'll only have one master account. Using the example above, we'll be using Acme Company. 
  • Portfolio -  A top level taxonomy used to represent massive groups of locations. To illustrate, Acme Company (the Account) has multiple subsidiaries under its belt so they create separate portfolios for Acme Motors, Acme Health and Acme Food.
  • Group -  Another top level taxonomy that's similar to portfolio. Using the Acme Motors Example, we'll create multiple groups for Marketing, Research and Development, Race Car Drivers, etc. 
  • Entity - This represents a brand, a product or any entity that would have distinct social media accounts associated with it. 
  • Locations - These are distinct social media accounts.