Clickable has access to the Twitter API. 

Metric Definition
Page Level
twitter_account_username Twitter account username
twitter_account_favorite_count The total numbers of tweets favorited by users  *
twitter_account_daily_favorite_count The daily total numbers of tweets favorited by users *
twitter_account_followers Total amount of followers
twitter_account_daily_followers Amount of new followers per day
twitter_account_status_count Total number of statuses
twitter_account_daily_status_count Total number of new statuses
twitter_friends Total Numbers of friends.
twitter_list_count Total list size
twitter_account_replies_count Total number of replies
twitter_account_retweet_count Total number of retweets
twitter_account_mentions_count Total number of mentions
twitter_account_total_mentions_count Total number of mentions
twitter_account_total_replies_count The total number of replies.
twitter_account_total_retweets_count The total number of retweets.
twitter_account_potential_message The potential number of messages.
twitter_account_potential_impressions_count The potential number of impressions.
twitter_account_tweet_link_count The total number of link tweets.
twitter_account_brand_status_count The total number of status tweets.
twitter_account_daily_brand_status_count The total number of daily status tweets. 
twitter_account_unfollows The total number of unfollows.
Post Level
tweet_created_date Tweet creation date.
twitter_account_username Username of the account.
twitter_tweet_id The unique ID of a tweet.
twitter_tweet The content of a tweet.
twitter_account_tweet_total_replies The total number of replies..
twitter_account_tweet_total_retweets The total number of retweets.
twitter_account_tweet_total_favorites The total number of favorites.