Clickable pulls authorized and public data from YouTube.

Metric Definition
Page Level
youtube_channel_user_id User ID of YouTube channel.
youtube_channel_subscribers_count Total channel subscribers.
youtube_channel_daily_subscribers_count Total of daily new subscribers.
youtube_channel_unsubscribers_count Total channel unsubscribers.
youtube_channel_daily_unsubcribers_count Total of daily unsubscribers.
youtube_channel_total_video_post_count Total videos posted in channel.
youtube_channel_daily_video_post_count Total of videos uploaded daily.
youtube_channel_video_views_count Total number of video views.
youtube_channel_daily_video_views_count Total number of daily video views.
youtube_channel_unique_video_views_count Total number of unique video views.
youtube_channel_daily_unique_video_views_count Total number of daily unique video views.
youtube_total_upload_views Total number of views for a channel.
youtube_channel_total_video_comments Total number of video comments in a channel.
youtube_channel_total_video_likes Total number of video likes in a channel.
youtube_channel_total_video_dislikes Total number of video dislikes in a channel.
youtube_channel_total_video_favorites Total number of video favorites in a channel.
youtube_channel_total_video_raters Total unique raters in a channel.
youtube_channel_total_video_max_rating Highest rating for any of a channel's videos.
youtube_channel_total_video_average_rating Average rating of all of a channel's videos.
youtube_channel_total_video_min_rating Lowest rating or any of a channel's videos.
youtube_channel_daily_video_comments Daily number of video comments.
youtube_channel_daily_video_likes Daily number of video likes.
youtube_channel_daily_video_dislikes Daily number of video dislikes.
youtube_channel_daily_video_favorites Daily number of video favorites.
youtube_channel_daily_video_raters Daily number of video raters.
youtube_channel_daily_video_max_rating Maximum daily rating for a channel.
youtube_channel_daily_video_average_rating Average daily rating for a channel.
youtube_channel_daily_video_min_rating Minimum daily rating for a channel.
youtube_channel_total_video_share_count Total number of video shares.
youtube_channel_daily_video_share_count Total number of daily shares.
Post Level
video_created_date Creation date of video.
youtube_channel_username The username of the parent channel.
youtube_video_id The ID of a video.
youtube_video_title The title of a video.
youtube_video_caption The caption for a a video.
youtube_video_total_likes The total likes on a video.
youtube_video_total_comments The total comments on a video.
youtube_video_total_views The total video views of a video.