Clickable pulls authorized and public data for Instagram.

Metric Definition
Page Level
instagram_user_id Account user id
instagram_user_name Instagram account user name
instagram_account_followers_count Total number of followers
instagram_account_daily_followers_count Total number of new followers daily
instagram_account_images_count Total number of photos
instagram_account_daily_images_count Total number of new photos daily
instagram_account_videos_count Total number of videos
instagram_account_daily_videos_count Total number of new videos daily
instagram_account_comments_count Total number of comments
instagram_account_daily_comments_count Total number of new comments daily
instagram_account_likes_count Total number of likes
instagram_account_daily_likes_count Total number of new likes daily
instagram_account_share_count Total number of shares
instagram_account_daily_share_count Total number of new shares daily
instagram_account_unsubscribe_count Total number of unsubscribes
instagram_account_daily_unsubcribes_count Total number of unsubscribes daily
instagram_account_potential_message_reach_count Total number off people that can be reached
instagram_account_potential_impressions_count Total number of impressions that can be served
Post Level
media_created_date Creation date of content
instagram_user_id User id
instagram_username Username
instagram_media_id Meda id
instagram_media_caption Content caption
instagram_media_total_likes Total likes on a specific post
instagram_media_total_comments Total comments on a specific post