To report and manage your Facebook Ads through the Clickable platform, you must first link your ad accounts to the Clickable API.
Note: You must have admin permissions to add an ad account.


  1. Go to Admin > Locations

  2. Click the blue "Add Location" button.

  3. The "Add Location" window will appear. On the left side, click the "Facebook-ads" tab.

  4. Click the blue "Import Facebook" button.

  5. A Facebook popup window will appear, directing you to log in to your Facebook account.
    Once you sign in, you will be asked to grant permission for the Clickable Ads API to access your ad account information.
    Click "Okay" to both questions.
    Note: Clickable will NOT post or manage your accounts on your behalf. 

  6. Once Facebook has finished connecting to the Clickable API, you will see your available ads accounts you can import.
    Select the account(s) you want to import.

  7. Click the blue "Save" button.
    Note: Import times usually take a couple of minutes, but may vary based on your account size.