To add users to a new dashboard:

  1. Go to and log in using the Super Admin credentials.

  2. Select the dashboard you want to add users to from the "Select a Company" screen.
    Note: Use Ctrl + F to search.

  3. Go to Admin > Users and Groups

  4. Click the blue "New User" button in the left corner.

  5. Type the user's email, then click the "Check User" button.

  6. Fill in the user's details, then click "Save".
    Note: We recommend NOT sending an activation email until the new user's account has been set up and tested.

  7. A popup will appear notifying you that the user was created successfully. You will also see the user in list of users and groups.

  8. Next, you will need to set the user's permissions.
    If the user will NOT have admin permissions, skip the next two steps (steps 8 and 9). 
    If the user DOES need admin permissions, click the user "Corporate Admin - DO NOT REMOVE".

  9. The "Edit Group" window will appear. Click the user's name to add them as an admin. 
    Click "Save".

  10. Now, is a good time to activate the user in the dashboard.
    In the "Action" column associated with the user's name, click the key icon (if you hover over it, it will say "Force Activate")

  11. The user's status will change from "Pending" to "Active", and the key icon ("Force Activate") will change to the reset icon ("Send mail to reset password").

  12. Since you force activated the user, the next step is to set the user's default password.
    Click the user's name to open the "Edit User" window.

  13. In the "Edit User" window, create a password for the user.
    Notes: The password must contain at least one lower and uppercase letter, and one non-alphanumeric character. You must also type the password again in the "Confirm Password" field.

    Click "Save".

  14. The final step is to assign the user to the hierarchy.
    Go to Admin > Hierarchy

  15. In the "Locations Hierarchy" section, select the folder(s) the user needs access to.
    Note: If the dashboard is new, you should only see one folder.

  16. The "Edit Hierarchy" window will appear on the right side of your screen.
    Click the "Add User/Group" icon (person icon with + sign).

  17. In the "Add/User Group" window, click the user's name to add them to the hierarchy.
    Click "Save".

  18. The "Add User/Group" window will close and you will see the user in the "Edit Hierarchy" window.
    Before you click "Save", make sure you have the user's settings the way you want. The default setting is for them to only have "View only" access.
    If you want the user to have full access (ability to create posts and respond to posts), click the last icon on the left.

    Click "Save".

  19. A popup window will appear notifying you that your changes have been saved successfully.

  20. That's it! The user is set up. 
    Before you email the user letting them know that their account is set up, log out of the dashboard and log in using their credentials. The dashboard should load without a setup error message and all of the appropriate top navigation tabs should be displayed.