Streamline your reporting and ad optimization process by linking your Google AdWords account to Clickable.

Metric Definition
Impressions Total number of campaign impressions.
Clicks The total number of times users have clicked on an ad to reach your property.
Cost Derived cost for the advertising campaign. The currency for this value is based on the currency that you set in your AdWords account.
CPM Cost per thousand impressions.
CPC Cost to advertiser per click.
CTR Click-through-rate for your ad. This is equal to the number of clicks divided by the number of impressions for your ad (e.g. how many times users clicked on one of your ads where that ad appeared).
Cost per Transaction The cost per transaction for your property.
Cost per Goal Conversion The cost per goal conversion for your property.
Cost per Conversion The cost per conversion (including ecommerce and goal conversions) for your property.
RPC RPC or revenue-per-click is the average revenue (from ecommerce sales and/or goal value) you received for each click on one of your search ads.
ROAS Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) is the total transaction revenue and goal value divided by derived advertising cost.