Authorizing your locations is easy! You can authorize any location you have admin access to.

Steps (Note: you must have admin permissions in Clickable):

  1. Go to Admin > Locations

  2. Select "Owned" from the dropdown to filter all active owned locations.

  3. Authorize all locations you have admin access to by clicking the blue "Authorize" button to the right of each location.

  4. The "Edit Location" window will open. Click the blue "Authorize" button(s).
    Note: For Facebook, authorize both the Publish App and the Analytics App. All other networks will only have one Validation Setting.

  5. You will then be taken through the authorization process.

  6. The blue "Authorize" button will change to "Authorized" after the process is complete.
    Click the blue "Save Changes" button.

  7. You will know the authorization was successful when you see the green popup. The blue "Authorize" button in the "Needs Validation" column will also say "Authorized".